Skills Assessment Information- Balbriggan

Course modules

Skills Assessment Reading, Writing, Maths, Computers

Location of Skills Assessment Balbriggan:

Castlemill Education Centre, Castlemill Link Road, Balbriggan K32 P237

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How long does it take?

Two hours Approximately ( 2 hours)

Why was I invited to a Skills Assessment?

All applicants are invited to complete an assessment prior to being offered a place on a course. The purpose of the assessment is to ensure that you are offered a place on a course which is at the right level for you and appropriate to your needs.

This assessment will help identify an applicant’s level of literacy, numeracy, language and IT Skills.

The assessment will include:

  • Reading and Comprehension
  • Writing
  • Maths
  • IT Skills

The process takes approximately 2 hours. The results of the assessment will indicate options open to learners.

What happens after the Skills Assessment?

There are a number of possible outcomes following the assessment:

  • An applicant is considered to have the skills required for the course applied for and is invited to register, or where relevant, attend for interview prior to placement on the course.
  • An applicant is identified as needing to build their skills in either reading, writing, English language, maths or IT skills.  An alternative course may be offered to support the applicant to develop their skills in order to progress.
  • An applicant may be referred to the Adult Education Guidance and Information Service to explore further options and/or supports required.

I have some questions/concerns about the skills assessment?

No problem, we will be happy to discuss your concerns or queries. Please contact the centre and we can discuss your concerns and look at alternatives if required. Phone 01 802 0360